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Headshot of Tess Nguyen in a denim short sleeve top and shoulder length hair in front of a grey background

Tess Nguyen


Tess comes from a diverse background in administrative and operation management, working in multiple industries such as retails, health care, and civil engineering. Her expertise includes project management, staff management (union and non-union), budgeting, reporting, document control, and process improvement. Prior to joining D’Leon Consulting Engineers, Tess worked at Kaiser Permanente in various positions: Project Analyst, Unit Manager, and Department Supervisor, where she worked on streamlining initiatives, maintaining budget, and departmental and medical center developments.  Some of her achievements include the successful opening of the medical center’s gift shop and implementing a point order system for the department. Here at D’Leon, Tess manages the behind the scene operations, which include but are not limited to, vendor/client relations, budget, project proposal, document control, and streamlining processes. 

Tess received a bachelors in Health Care Administration from CSULB, a business degree with an emphasis on Healthcare.

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