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Interstate 605 Freeway Corridor “Hot Spots”



This project encompasses the preparation of a corridor analysis report and drawings for MTA & Caltrans for the future reconstruction of I-605 interchanges and freeway facilities in Los Angeles County. The corridor analysis identified chronic traffic congestion areas, potential capacity, and operational improvements, and considered adjacent development and right-of-way limitations, also referred to as “Hot Spots”.

The freeway corridors evaluated include SR-91 from I-710 to the Orange County line, I-605 from SR-60 to I-405 freeway, and I-405 from Lakewood Boulevard to just south of the I-605 interchange. They also include areas along the I-105 from I-710 to I-605 and SR-60 east and west of I-605.


DLCE staff prepared detailed documents for the identification of aboveground and underground utilities along the I-605 corridor. DLCE prepared all documentation with Microstation.

Map of the Interstate 605 Freeway Corridor
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