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I-105 ExpressLanes


LA Metro (Caltrans partner)

Metro has committed itself to the improvement of highway travel through various initiatives. Part of these initiatives is to ease traffic congestion throughout Los Angeles County through the inclusion of an expanded network of high-occupancy toll roads. These ExpressLanes additions will be introduced along the I-105 highway that stretches from El Segundo to Norwalk. The ExpressLanes project will require bridge widenings on highway under crossings to facilitate the construction of additional lanes. Incentives, such as free use of the ExpressLanes, will be given to buses, carpools, and vanpools; however, single-drivers will be given the opportunity to use them at a fee. Consistency and dependability of travel times and traffic flow improvement are this project’s objectives.


DLCE is playing a key role in the construction supervision of the I-105 ExpressLanes by coordinating with third party agencies including various Los Angeles departments, outside agencies, and cities along the I-105 highway, providing project management of facility materials and equipment, and supervising the bridge widening of multiple undercrossings along the I-105 highway.

Read more on the LA Metro website.

Diagram of the I-105 ExpressLanes across LA

Image courtesy of LA Metro

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